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Resuscitation Council UK Accredited Courses

A&A Training is an approved course centre.

This is a 2-day course consisting of lectures, workshops, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations.
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ALS: Recertification
This is a one day course consisting of workshops, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations.
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The e-ALS course comprises 1-day E-Learning and 1-day face-to-face training.
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This is a two day course consisting of lectures, workshops, skill stations and teaching simulations.
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A one day course consisting of one lecture, skill stations and cardiac arrest simulations.
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ILSi is a specialist Instructor course that gives candidates the skills to become an Instructor in ILS & PILS.
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This is a one day course consisting of one lecture, skill stations and simulation practice.
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ALS/EPALS Preparation Course

Aimed at clinicians who do not work in the UK, or clinicians in the UK who would like extra preparation before a course.

This practical course includes:
  • Managing a compromised airway, including manoeuvres, simple airways adjuncts, iGel and ventilation
  • Basic Life Support and safe defibrillation
  • ABCDE approach to assessment of a deteriorating patient
  • What to expect on an ALS/EPALS course

£90 inc VAT

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Doctors Needed

Helping to source the best clinicians worldwide.

Doctors Available
Doctors available for permanent positions in a variety of specialities and grades
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Doctors Required
Doctors required for permanent positions for various specialities and grades across the UK
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#CPR Saves Lives

People are more likely to survive a sudden cardiac arrest when a bystander uses an AED rather than wait for emergency medical services to shock the heart. 


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Our Clients

Our clients include large companies as well as individual candidates.


What our clients say about us.

Break Away Practical Training, 22nd February 2021

The training was well presented with all safety measures being taken into consideration. John and Paul presented the training in a respectable and professional manner. It was worth attending.

Edwill, OT Student

Moving & Handling, 9th April 2021

The course was interactive and fun.

Kevin, Radiographer
Alliance Medical

Safeguarding Children Level 3, 22nd January 2021

Thank you for today. It was at a good level of learning, interactive and informative. I expanded my knowledge.

Gail, Paramedic Police Custody
CRG Medical

e-ALS, 1st November 2020

….I wanted to add how superbly well run and managed the course was; how excellent across the board the teaching; and how much I enjoyed the day. It seemed like a grind in advance doing this course, to secure a job, but actually I was surprised how much I learned and gained from it, not least in confidence. The instructors were very knowledgeable and worked very well together as a team. I sometimes think technology is overused in simulation, or used at the expense of effort and decent scenarios, but that was a great example of the two working perfectly together.

Matthew, Senior House Officer
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Supporting you to run RCUK courses

…thank you for your remarkable efforts over recent months to keep planning or delivering training in your Centre and for everything you have done to disseminate Resuscitation Council UK’s (RCUK) COVID-19 Guidance to your colleagues. It’s been an incredibly challenging time and we appreciate your ongoing commitment to delivering quality resuscitation services.

Dr James Cant, CEO & Sue Hampshire, Director of Clinical & Service Development
Resuscitation Council UK

Advanced Life Support, 4th-5th July 2020

Absolutely brilliant team of instructors, who kept a very supportive and friendly environment (which was much needed considering the information overload in a short duration of time). Thank you!

Shabbir, FY2 Doctor
Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital

Immediate Life Support, 30th May 2020

I had my Resuscitation Council UK accredited ILS training at A&A last weekend. I was very impressed with the course instructor who was very professional, knowledgeable and delivered high quality training. The trainer also took his time to explain some material which was outside the scope of ILS. Very happy with the course. I would highly recommend A&A training Ltd.

Tetyana, FY2 Doctor

Immediate Life Support, 4th June 2020

Caroline was a brilliant teacher and made the session feel very safe at this difficult time. Hand hygiene, cleaning of equipment, social distancing and wearing of PPE helped me feel comfortable participating in my first face to face training for sometime.

Alison, Registered Nurse
BMI Chaucer

Immediate Life Support

Language appropriate, excellent knowledge of subject and gave thorough explanation.

Custody Nurse
Public and Private Services Provider

Basic Life Support with AED

Facilitator Cathy made the course interesting and enjoyable – Thank you!

Mental and Community Healthcare Provider

Child Protection Level 3

Very knowledgeable and really explained the issues well.

Contract Manager
Multinational Security Services Company

Immediate Life Support

Extremly well presented! Tony explained everything clearly and made it easy to understand. Enjoyed and found all of it useful. It has helped me to update and refresh my knowledge. I really enjoyed the course today. Tony is a knowledgeable and brilliant instructor!

Staff Nurse
Prison Service

Paediatric Basic Life Support

Enjoyed the whole course. Really thought the session was delivered well.

Student Nurse
University Hospital

Emergency First Aid at Work

The instructor made the course easy to understand and explained each module in great detail.

Service Technician
Energy and Home Services Provider

Basic Life Support with AED

Dynamic, friendly, informative, thorough.

Mental Health Trust

Immediate Life Support

Tutor very knowledgeable; good use of handouts/power point/role play/group participation. Explanation and use of equipment very useful.

Student Nurse
Specialist Mental and Healthcare Provider

Paediatric Basic Life Support

The training instructor was patient and encouraged us to be free to ask any questions and allowed us to practice more in order to ensure that we have confidence.

Staff Nurse
Mental Health Trust

Consent, Confidentiality and Record Keeping

The Instructor was precise and clear. The course was very informative. Enough material on course to enable nurse to delve deeper into the subject.

Anonymous student
Prison Service

Moving & Handling

Great energy and examples. Helpful to explain acronyms and nursing terms further.

Post Graduate Student
University Hospital

Nasal Gastric Tube

The open discussion. Thank you – very helpful, a positive learning experience.

Ward Manager
Independent Provider of Mental Health Care Facilities

Paediatric Immediate Life Support

Relaxed and informal – good learning environment. Kept training relevant to our department.

Junior Sister
Provider of Quality Services to Communities

Emergency First Aid at Work

Presentation and facilitators very approachable, supportive and knowledgeable.

Community Nurse
National Charity for Severe Skin Conditions

Immediate Life Support

Good sense of humour – allowing time for information to be discussed. There was good interaction with the trainer.

Registered Nurse
Independent Provider of Private Healthcare

Basic Life Support

Very concise and comprehensive. Good interpersonal skills and knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. Very beneficial. Very straightforward and uncomplicated session. Very good indeed.

Certified Paediatric Nurse
Mental and Community Healthcare Provider


A&A continue to deliver excellent, relevant training

Senior Nurse
Private Provider of Services to the NHS