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Who is this course suitable for?

The half-day Advanced Life Support (ALS) recertification course is aimed at experienced clinicians who have previously completed an ALS course and are realistically expected to regularly attend critically ill patients and manage cardiac arrests.

The course focuses on cardiac arrest management in eight Cardiac Arrest Simulation scenarios (CASTeaches) (see the programme). A maximum group size of four candidates means that you will have at least two opportunities to undertake the role of Team Leader; for the rest of the scenarios, you will act as a member of the resuscitation or clinical team.

Practical skills are taught and assessed within the scenarios, and by the end of the course, you must have demonstrated your ability to perform the psychomotor skills of:

  • high-quality CPR
  • defibrillation
  • airway management
  • DC cardioversion.

Your management of a cardiac arrest as a Team Leader and performance of the skills associated with resuscitation (technical and non-technical) will be assessed using serial outcomes-based criteria (as identified below). There is no post-course MCQ.

The elements that you will be assessed on are:

  • assessing and managing the critically ill patient
  • cardiac arrest management
    • patient assessment
    • management of cardiac arrest
    • recognition and treatment of cardiac arrest rhythms
    • identification and treatment of relevant reversible causes
    • post-resuscitation care.
  • non-technical skills
    • situational awareness
    • decision making
    • task management
    • team working
    • communication.

Based on your performance in these elements, your instructors will make a global assessment of whether you have achieved the required standard or if you need further practice.

Assessment is conducted throughout each of the scenarios. Your performance of the various technical and non-technical skills must meet the assessment criteria in order for you to successfully complete the course.

The assessment matrix outlines the outcomes that are being assessed so that you can prepare yourself in advance of the course.

You will be debriefed on your performance in all elements of the course throughout. The global assessment is summative (which means it must be achieved to constitute a ‘pass’). If you are assessed as ‘needing further practice’, and this is not remediated during the eight CASTeaches, there is an opportunity for further remediation during supervised practice before the course closes. If you have not met the assessment criteria by the end of the course, you have failed to re-certify.

Pre-course preparation

The course manual is sent to candidates one month before the course. You are expected to complete the pre-course materials and MCQ in preparation for the face-to-face course, which runs over four and a half hours.

Course Documents and Information

  • ALS Recert Course programme (155KB)
  • ALS Recert Course candidate info (242KB)
  • ALS Recert Course assessment matrix (172KB)