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Waste Management

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The management of healthcare waste is an essential part of ensuring that health and social care activities do not pose a risk of infection. A wide variety of waste is generated from healthcare activities and employers have a statutory duty of care in relation to the management of that waste. They are also responsible for complying with health and safety and transport legislation.

At the end of this course, learners are required to complete an online assessment. On successful completion of the assessment (80% pass mark), learners may download a Waste Management certificate from their profile page. Our certificate can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit purposes.

  • gain an understanding of effective waste management
  • be aware of relevant legislation
  • be aware of the roles and responsibilities in waste disposal
  • understand the waste management hierarchy
  • understand the different methods of waste treatment
  • be aware of the different types of healthcare waste
  • understand waste segregation and the colour coding system
  • be aware of disposal methods for other types of waste
  • understand the responsibilities of community healthcare workers in relation to waste disposal

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