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Andy Le Grove

Managing Director

Established in 2014, Andy has grown the business to what it is today. A leading UK provider of high-quality healthcare training for individuals and organisations. Specialising in resuscitation training like CPR and defibrillation, our experienced team equips clients to handle cardiac emergencies confidently. 

Andy was a senior nurse and has extensive experience in cardiology and resuscitation with a strong focus on clinical skills and quality services. He is well-versed in both NHS and non-NHS hospital resuscitation and mandatory training requirements.

Our aim is to educate, inspire, and provide top-notch services with passion and credibility. We aspire to be the foremost healthcare training provider in the UK by exceeding client expectations with accredited, up-to-date training.

Thank you for considering A&A Training & Consultancy for your healthcare training. We’re eager to collaborate with you and assist in achieving your training objectives.

Our Mission

Our customers can count on us to educate, inspire, and provide our services with passion and credibility.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading provider of healthcare training in the UK.

Our Values

Using our values to make our company better.

Our Values

Adaptability, teamwork, continuous improvement, integrity, respect and collaboration are our core values, forming the backbone of our operations. By embracing these values, we strive to enhance every aspect of our business, ensuring exceptional service for our customers.

  • Adaptability: Remaining flexible, embracing change and providing solutions.
  • Teamwork: Working together as one team, supporting each other and our customers to achieve our collective goals.
  • Continuous Improvement: Ambition and initiative drive us to grow, and the result is a constant process of improvement and quality customer service.
  • Integrity: We create and reinforce our reputation through our customers’ trust and our actions.
  • Respect: Valuing differences and allowing others to express themselves, thereby creating safe, inclusive and equitable learning environments.
  • Collaboration: Working in partnership with our customers to identify their specific needs and ensure a bespoke experience.