Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

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Equality, Diversity and Human Rights are entirely relevant to day-to-day life and provide the framework which protects the freedom for individuals to control his/her own life, prevent discrimination and set expectations for enabling fair and equal services to and from public authorities.

The health sector has a responsibility to ensure delivery of services and workforce management which fully demonstrate and reflect the principles of equality, diversity and human rights. It is through the active and effective understanding of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights that the health sector will be more reflective of and sensitive to the population it seeks to serve.

By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

  • understand the terms of Equality and Diversity and Human Rights and how they are applied within the context of the health sector
  • understand how a proactive inclusive approach to equality and diversity and human rights can be promoted
  • understand the purpose and benefits of monitoring equalities and health inequalities
  • understand the benefits that an effective approach to equality and diversity and human rights can have on society, organisations and individuals
  • understand how legislation, organisational policies and processes can empower individuals to act appropriately and understand people’s rights
  • know how to treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and respect and value people as individuals
  • know what to do if there are concerns about equality and diversity practices, including how to use any local whistle blowing policy procedures and other related policies such as Bullying at Work and Dignity at Work