Dementia and Delirium in Healthcare

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Dementia awareness training helps professionals support people with dementia to ensure they are treated with dignity and respect. The course seeks to improve your confidence in managing situations you find challenging.

By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Dementia and Delirium in Healthcare

  • Be able to explain what dementia is
  • Be able to describe some early signs and symptoms
  • Explore some common perceptions about dementia
  • Understand how dementia works
  • Appreciate the different types of dementia and the impact on society
  • Be able to describe the most common types of dementia
  • Know the risk factors for delirium
  • Understand the difference between dementia and delirium
  • Understand the diagnosis of dementia and delirium
  • Explore the different drug therapies
  • Have knowledge of non-pharmacological management of symptoms