Infection Prevention and Control Level 2

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The risk of infection within a healthcare setting poses a significant risk to patients, carers and staff. Without effective infection prevention and control approaches, infection can cause distress, harm, and impair the quality of life and healthcare experiences. Therefore, prevention of infection has to be a key priority for all staff groups working within a healthcare setting.

By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Infection Control Level 2

  • know how individuals can contribute to infection prevention and control
  • have knowledge of and demonstrate the standard infection prevention and control precautions relevant to their role which may include:
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spillage
    • Management of Occupational Exposure (including sharps)
    • Management of the Environment
    • Management of Care Equipment.
  • recognise and act when their personal fitness to work may pose a risk of infection to others.
  • be able to describe the healthcare organisation‚Äôs and their own responsibilities in terms of current infection prevention and control legislation
  • know how to obtain information about infection prevention and control within the organisation
  • understand what is meant by the term healthcare associated infections
  • understand the chain of infection and how this informs infection prevention and control practice
  • demonstrate an understanding of the routes of transmission of micro-organisms
  • understand individual roles and responsibilities for the three levels of decontamination
  • use single use items appropriately
  • be able to conduct a risk assessment in respect of ensuring infection prevention and control
  • explain different alert organisms and conditions that pose an infection risk
  • describe how to safely manage patients with specific alert organisms.