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Create your own bespoke package of services

A&A Training offers clients the flexibility to choose as many of the resuscitation services below to create a complete bespoke package. These include:

  • Establishing and attending resuscitation committees. This can include acting as chair, vice chair or simply coordinating the group that will meet on a regular basis
  • Carrying out site visits to inspect and advise on the location and suitability of resuscitation equipment in clinical areas. We report on the siteโ€™s ability to respond to a victim in a peri arrest or cardiac arrest state
  • Auditing all resuscitation equipment located throughout a site, either as a sole auditor or to provide assurance
  • Carrying out regular announced or unannounced resuscitation simulation audits. This will be a full Advanced Life Support or Immediate Life Support type scenario (depending on the environment) and a written report following the audit supplied and also shared at the resuscitation committee
  • Advising a site or organisation on resuscitation policies, including best practice, as advised by the Resuscitation Council UK and the A&A Training Resuscitation Faculty
  • One to one Immediate Life Support (ILS) or Advanced Life Support (ALS) coaching, where we attend a site and spend time working with a staff member to refresh their knowledge and skills. This coaching sits best between doing annual ILS or ALS training
  • Coordinating a face to face critical incident analysis after any cardiac arrest on a site, with any staff involved to enable support, guidance and reflection
  • Carrying out detailed investigations following any resuscitation related incident and provide recommendations based on this investigation
    Supporting and advising on any resuscitation issues as required. This can include, for example, representing a site as an Accountable
  • Officer with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or other regulatory bodies
  • Offering unlimited telephone and e-mail advice around resuscitation issues


Please contact us if you would like more information about our courses, or if you would like to discuss your training needs.

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