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Primary, Secondary and Higher Education

A&A has a history of working very closely with all sectors of the education system. This has ranged from public and private schools to a number of special schools providing education to staff and students.

Universities & Colleges

A&A Training only use the highest qualified trainers that have both clinical credibility and a solid educational background.

A&A Training works with the HEI (Higher Education Institutions) to ensure that the training is not only clinically creditable, but that it also adheres to national guidelines.

It also ensures that any local or bespoke aspects are incorporated into the training and that all students receive the appropriate training.

Secondary Education

A&A Training have specialist instructors that are experienced in working in the secondary education system with a previous health background.

A&A Training is able to provide training that covers the common medical problems that students often have in the education system including diabetes, epilepsy, cardiac problems and respiratory conditions including asthma.

A&A Training is a First Aid at Work provider ensuring that schools and teachers feel equipped to deal with the routine and worse case scenarios.

Early Years and Primary Education

To be compliant with Department for Education’s, ‘Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’ at least one person must have a current paediatric first aid certificate when children are present.

A&A Training has the ideal Paediatric First Aid course, that has been used by many different clients to their satisfaction. The course provides all practitioners with the confidence to deal with emergencies involving the children in their care.

Our experienced paediatric nurses will be able to competently train and reassure candidates, due to their extensive clinical experience.

Further Information

Please contact us if you would like more information about our courses, or if you would like to discuss your training needs.
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